Antoinette Biordi is an Emmy Award winning reporter who has been in the news business since 1997.


Antoinette began her career as a one man band reporter, producing, shooting, writing and editing daily stories for News Center 7 in Ithaca, NY. Then in 1998 she worked as reporter/anchor for WETM (NBC) in Elmira, NY. In 1999 Antoinette worked at WNYT (NBC) in Albany, NY, and FOX 23 News in Albany. After 5 years in upstate New York, she jumped at the chance to be closer to home and began working as a freelance reporter at News 12 Long Island before working full time at News 12 Westchester in 2003.


In 2007 Antoinette earned a prestigious New York Emmy Award in the category of Sports Coverage for a series called “More than Just a Game”. It was an inspiring story about physically challenged children who despite their limitations were able to beat the odds and excel in the Special Olympics. She also received two Emmy Nominations, one in the category of “Writing Composite” and the other for a piece about adults who were physically challenged but overcame their deepest fear of the water in order to steer and control a sailboat on the Hudson River.


During her time at News 12 Westchester she also worked on a series called “Wasted Youth” where she went undercover with police as they busted an underage drinking party. As the story progressed, undercover surveillance video discovered that several convenience stores were selling beer to underage kids. A year later she did a series called “Westchester Teens: Life in the Fast Lane” where she exposed parents who were hosting underage drinking parties for their own kids and their friends. The drinking epidemic continued the next year in a series called “When Mommy Drives Drunk” as she found dozens of mothers were driving drunk with their own kids in the car. Those series combined with her daily stories won her several distinguished awards including Edward R. Murrow Awards, Deadline Club Awards, New York Press Club, AP awards, AEGIS award, Gold Aurora Awards, New York Festivals, Telly Award and a Videographer Award.


Antoinette was born in Brooklyn and was raised most of her life on Long Island. She continues to live there with her husband, son, and her dog Dottie.


In her spare time Antoinette loves to read, travel, workout, cook, make her home-made wine, take pictures and play several musical instruments including the accordion.


New York Institute of Technology Bachelor of Arts Degree, TV Journalism, 1997


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News Reporter/Weekend Cut-in Anchor News 12 Network, Woodbury, NY
Responsibilities include: generating story ideas, presenting stories on the air, going live for noon, 4:30, 5:00, 10:00 shows. Produce and anchor weekend cut-ins.


News Reporter WXXA Fox 23 News, Albany, NY
Responsibilities included: generating story ideas, presenting stories on the air, going live for 6:00, 6:30, 10, 10:30 shows.


News Reporter/Weekend Cut-in Anchor WNYT (NBC) Channel 13, Albany, NY
Responsibilities included: generating story ideas, presenting stories on air, going live for 5, 5:30, 6 & 11 o’clock shows. Produced and anchored weekend morning cut-ins.


News Reporter/Weekend Anchor WETM (NBC) Channel 18, Elmira, NY Responsibilities included: reported three days a week, live shots for 6 11 o’clock shows. Also produced, gave out assignments to reporters and anchored the 6 and 11 o’clock newscasts on the weekend.


News Reporter Time Warner Cable, Ithaca, NY
Responsibilities included: wrote and presented stories on air. Shot and edited packages and vo/sots.


New York Emmy Award for “Special Olympics” series
New York Emmy Nomination for “Charting a New Course”
New York Emmy Nomination-Category “Writing Composite”
Edward R. Murrow Award for “Wasted Youth” series
New York Press Club Award for “Miracle League” and “Charting A New Course”
Deadline Club Award for “Wasted Youth” series
New York Festivals for “Westchester Teens Life In The Fast Lane”
AP Award for “Wasted Youth” series and “Miracle League”
2005 Graduate of NPPA-Advanced Story Telling Workshop


Background Activities

Recognized by “Habitat for Humanity” for news coverage.

Hosted and Narrated 30 minute shows for the African-American Parade, Latino-American Parade and Italian-American Parade in Yonkers, NY

Westchester Autism Foundation Event Emcee

New Rochelle Police Foundation Event Emcee




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